Active Tags, Cameras, Cardboard Boxes, Electronics, Passive Tags, Safer Boxes, Software
About This Project

Security Solution at Media Markt Zwijnaarde, BE

  • Over 3’000 turtles are securing different boxed items which can be now well presented and easy be staked. The staff loves the easy handling of the turtle due to the easy installation and removal.
  • Major benefit: less boxes provides easier handling. Even though they use only 5 sizes (SI1S 90200, SI1S 85061, SI1S85065, SI1S90220, SI1S 9002403/MK106), the chosen safer boxes provide an almost perfect fit for the products they want to secure. (no ‚air‘ in the boxes).
  • One detacher = easier and more practical handling
  • 120 SI Bags are handed out to the customer to limit the theft. The backpacks from the customer will be placed in security bags.