Active Tags, Cardboard Boxes, D.I.Y., EAS Labels, Passive Tags, Power Tools, Tools
About This Project

TURTLE and electronic article surveillance (EAS) in use at FEHR Braunwalder

  • Fehr Braunwalder could limit the theft substantial, by secure her displayed devices with approximately 440 Turtle
    (with single-, double- and lasso with sensor).
  • The clothes and shoes in the lower floor became secured with approximately 1000 Color- and Pentags and 200 loop
  • The application of the security products is very simple for staff and she have no shrinkage.
  • By the integrated visitor counting FEHR Braunwalder AG see, when and how many customers visited the market.
  • By the Cloud based Analytics, which supplies the visitor statistics and evaluations together with the Fortus AM40
    antennas, will manage now the personell plannings.
  • Likewise the personnel costs could be noticeably reduced, this due to the change of opening time.