Application example – TURTLE and EAS in use at FEHR Braunwalder

Active Tags, Cardboard Boxes, D.I.Y., EAS Labels, Passive Tags, Power Tools, Tools
About This Project

TURTLE and electronic article surveillance (EAS) in use at FEHR Braunwalder

  • Fehr Braunwalder could limit the theft substantial, by secure her displayed devices with approximately 440 Turtle
    (with single-, double- and lasso with sensor).
  • The clothes and shoes in the lower floor became secured with approximately 1000 Color- and Pentags and 200 loop
  • The application of the security products is very simple for staff and she have no shrinkage.
  • By the integrated visitor counting FEHR Braunwalder AG see, when and how many customers visited the market.
  • By the Cloud based Analytics, which supplies the visitor statistics and evaluations together with the Fortus AM40
    antennas, will manage now the personell plannings.
  • Likewise the personnel costs could be noticeably reduced, this due to the change of opening time.