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About This Project

Mini Security Bag Tag

revolutionary – easy – safe

Highest Security due to full protection of the Bag
Space saving product presentation due to cubic design
Time saving due to fast and easy handling


Highly Secure – Highly Deterrent
• Highest Security due to full protection of the bag
• More secure than a spider or safer box
• High deterrent due to active alarm when manipulated
• 3-Level alarm system provides triple protection of merchandise

Simplified and fast processes
• Intuitive handling
• Fast and easy install and removal speeds up your process
– 2x faster than Spidernet
• No loss of space at the checkout thanks to the foldable bag

Optimized presentation of your goods
• the cubic design allows a space saving product presentation
• transparent foil with thin conductive tracks enables to read
product information on the packaging
• can be used in hanging or standing position
• Customised bag size available

Robust, reusable and ecological
• high-quality material ensure a high robustness
• the innovative productdesign enables reusability
• ecologically valuable because of the replaceable battery

Individual Bag Sizes & Transparency
• Create your OWN bag (size / logo) to fit your merchandise
• Feasible for Barcodescanning due to high transparency of bag

Can Be Used in Refrigerator (≥2° C)
• the Mini Security Bag Tag can be used from +2° C to +40° C


More Informations and technical Details on our Product Leaflet