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About This Project



Small – Easy – Secure

One anti-theft-device, 3 areas of application

• protects your strapped products
• protects your weak cardboard boxes
• protects your promotion samples

Strapping tape – simple and versatile application opportunities
• Secures your strapped package from unauthorized opening or theft

Silicone Turtleband – simple and versatile application opportunities
• Secures weak cardboard boxes from unauthorized opening or theft

Adhesive tape – simple and residue free application
• Secures your promotion samples or packages



Highly secure – highly deterrent
• High deterrent due to prealarm when lightly manipulated
• New intelligent and optical sensor ensures highest reliability and security
• 3-Level alarm system provides triple protection of your merchandise

Simplified and fast processes
• Fast and easy application and removal speeds up the process = Time saving at the cash desk, at the Point of Sales and in the warehouse
• no cable tangling = more time for your customer (in comparison to Spider)

Optimized presentation of your goods
• No restriction when products are stacked = gain of shelf space

Please download our product leaflet for more and technical details