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Security BagTag
Revolutionary, Easy, Flexible

The perfect product to secure many different kinds of merchandise while simplifying your in-house product handling.

Speed up internal processes and gain valuable merchandise space.

The flexible Security Bag Tag will secure ANY kind of merchandise.

Highly Secure – Highly Deterrent

  • 3-Level alarm system provides triple protection of your merchandise
  • Alarm when manipulated (cut the bag or break the tag open)
  • AM and RF in one tag, available as well with self- alarm technology

Gain Space at the Shelf, the Storage and Cashier Area

  • Gain merchandising space due to adjustable bag
  • Gains storage and cashier space compared to safer boxes
  • Hanger for Euro-Hook is integrated

“Food Save “ Bag

  • Using PET and PE material makes the bag food safe and suitable for fresh meat
  • Bag can be used many times and be cleaned (hand washed)

Simplified and Fast

  • Intuitive handling
  • Quickly and easy applied & removed
  • Speeds up the cashier, sales and stocking process
  • More time for your staff to service your customers due to no cable tangling

Individual Bag Sizes & Transparency

  • Create your OWN bag (size / logo / color) to fit your valuable merchandise
  • Feasible for Barcode scanning due to fully transparency of bag

Durable, Robust and Reusable

  • More than 1’000 Bag to Tag connections
  • Special bag design ensures high durability

Can Be Used in Refrigerator (0° C) or Freezer (-20° C)

  • Standard tag use from 0° C to +40° C
  • Low temperature tag use with special battery guaranties functionality down to -20° C


Link to a video which show the time advantage in the handling of the Security TagBag:

Youtube video – time comparison application for packing and unpacking


You can find detailed information and technical data in the following product leaflet: