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About This Project
  • ICA is a Swedish retailing corporate group, the company was started in 1938. Most of its operations are based in
    Scandinavia, one of the largest retail company in the Nordic countries. He operates about 1350 retail stores. He
    belongs to the Dutch retailer Ahold.
  • Most of the stores are owned by the local dealer.
  • Roll out in 88 ICA Maxi stores
  • 80 stores used as well our Blu-Ray and DVD security boxes together with 8 table detacher (SI2 60910) and 2 portable
    detacher (SI2 MAGNET-HOLDER)
  • 150 – 200 TURTLE‘s per store for strapped items like toys, headphones, TV‘s, hard disc and game consoles
    (80% in AM, 20% in RF technology)