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Insights & News Our new 3in1-detachers 08.04.2024 π—¦π—²π—°π˜‚π—Ώπ—² - π—³π—Ήπ—²π˜…π—Άπ—―π—Ήπ—² - πŸ―π—œπ—‘πŸ­! Enjoy maximum flexibility in using security devices. The three different magnets unlock the most common manufacturers' security devices. Would you like to spare your employees the tedious unlocking process and reduce your effort? We are glad to advise you. Continue reading new webdesign 29.04.2024 A well-designed website can be a powerful tool for showcasing your business, attracting customers and driving growth. We are confident that our new website provides significant added value to our customers and we greatly appreciate the numerous positive feedback. Continue reading Success story bilka 27.02.2024 We are excited to share with you the news of our successful collaboration with our business partner CamVision A/S and Bilka, Salling Group, the largest hypermarket in Denmark. Bilka has successfully implemented our Looptag across all their stores and our Looptag has proven to be an effective solution to avoid theft. Continue reading Exploring zurich airport 07.03.2024 digitalization 07.02.2024 Exciting news! We take a step forward in digitalising and are now on the road with DMS, document reader and WorkflowCockpit. Teaming up with LOBOS Informatik AG - eNVenta ERP, they've successfully implemented an automated workflow with a legally secure archive. This solution streamlines administration, boosts efficiency, and optimizes the invoice processing with a short two-month implementation time. Innovation doesn't have to take long! Continue reading future day 14.11.2023 Last Thursday was Future Day in Switzerland. All Children in the 6th grade were able to get a look behind the scenes in the professional world that day and I had the pleasure of welcoming my niece Lea to Pataco! Continue reading Turtle 1.0 09.12.2023 Our Turtle 1.0 is the optimal security device for all exhibitor goods! Continue reading Our team recently explored Zurich Airport and had the privilege of gaining an insider's perspective. Continue reading merchandise security strateg 07.05.2024 Securing your merchandise is crucial to prevent theft and minimize business losses. With our expertise, we aim to assist you in optimizing your merchandise security strategy.

Here are some tips on how to effectively reduce theft:
Continue reading world turtle day 23.05.2024 🐒🌍 Today is World Turtle Day! 🌍🐒 Did you know that some turtle species can live over 100 years? This impressive longevity and resilience also reflect the quality and durability of our Turtle sercurity device. Similar to the determined and purposeful journey of turtles, our Turtle has embarked on an impressive journey of development and innovation since its inception over 14 years ago. The Turtle got its name due to its turtle-like shape, its robust shell that offers no points of attack, and its long lifespan thanks to replaceable batteries. Continue reading motherday 13.05.2024 What does a mother expect from her employer? What does the employer benefit in return? For me, as a mother of two school-aged children, it's clear: in 2024, an employer should be flexible and family-friendly. The opportunity to work from home, as well as support and flexibility for short-term absences, are invaluable to me. At Pataco AG, I can always rely on this and appreciate the consistently positive experiences regarding the balance of work and family. I'm aware that it's not easy for companies to organize short-term or even longer absences. It takes a team that supports each other πŸ’ͺ Continue reading
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