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Discover the effectiveness and easy use of our simple hardtags. Popular across all industries for their versatility. Hard tags are affordable, compact and easy to apply, making them a perfect solution for smaller retail items and clothing. Compatible Merchandise Clothing, sports shirts, jackets, shoes, bags, backpacks, drill attachments, spirits, wine and champagne bottles, thin blister packages. applications At the neck of the bottle, attached to the fabric/labels, fixed to openings/handles, hard tags are attached directly to the product or packaging. Additional Benefits Due to their small format, hard tags are easy to store and take up little space at the checkout. our recommondation Use our one-piece hardtags with hidden nail to speed up your process and reduce the risk of injury. Product features

Col Fashion Tag Tag with color cartridge in one piece Overview Fashion Tag Tag without color cartridge in one piece Pen Tag with Rip Pin long hard tag with pin Pen Tag with Lanyard Col Tag with Rip Pin Tag with color cartridge and rip pin Long hard tag with loop pin Loop Tag Loop hard tag Padlock Hard tag Round Tag Round hard tag in one piece Bli Tag Blister tag in one piece Bottle Ring Bottle lock Bottle Tag Bottle lock with protection Col Pin with Pentag Pin with color cartridge with Pentag Fashion Colour Tag An Shirt Fashion Tag An Shirt Pen Tag An Sportshorts PEN TAG mit Lanyard Warensicherung Colour Tag An T Shirt Padlock Warensicherung ROUND TAG An Tshirt BLI TAG An Verpackung Bottle Ring An Flasche Bottle Tag An Flasche Color Tag Warensicherung

Product leaflet In the product leaflet we present the product and its areas of application in more detail. Article overview In the article overview you will find the article numbers and further technical information. Download area

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