Turtle 1.0 for all exhibited merchandise Turtle 1.0

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We make exhibitor security simple and effective. Our Turtle 1.0, combined with various cables, impresses with its easy handling, versatile application possibilities and real testing experience for your customers. Secure your display merchandise within seconds whether directly adhered to the product or using our various cables. Compatible Merchandise Laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, power tools with batteries, food processors, headphones, SLR cameras, toothbrushes, gaming consoles and all other display products. APPLICATIONS The Turtle 1.0 can be adhered directly to the display product or combined with our various cables. Additional Benefits Thanks to its easy handling, it is ready to use and guarantees your customers a real testing experience. our recommandation Use the various sensor cables to present display products with all their functions. Product Features

With flat sensor cable on a perfume bottle Possible applications With lasso cable on a camera With lasso sensor cable on a power tool with a battery Turtle 1.0 mit Parfum Turtle 1.0 Mit Lassokabel Turtle 1.0 Mit Sensorkabel

USP The USP's contain a summary of the most important advantages. product leaflet In the product leaflet we present the product and the areas of application in more detail. article overview In the article overview you will find the article numbers and further technical information. Download area

Application and advantages What makes our Turtle 1.0 so great? Videos Secure a bicycle Secure flexibly with Turtle 1.0

+800 7282 2624 further questions? We are glad to be here for you! Maximum security, minimal worries – your perfect merchandise security starts here! We support you in reducing your theft loss with our know-how and expertise. Rely on us. Looäcker 1, 9247 Henau, Switzerland +41 58 404 43 43 info@pataco.com Pataco Warensicherungen