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Milling machine Looptag Laser measuring devices Turtle 2.0 with silicon strap Exhibitor products perfect combination of safety and experience At Pataco, we understand the crucial importance of exhibitor products that are not only safe and secure, but also remain accessible, movable and testable for customers at all times. These products are not only representative, but also enable direct experience and interaction with your branded products. Drilling machines Grinding machine Turtle 1.0 with sensor cabel Turtle 1.0 with flat sensor cable Powertools Looptag with sensor cabel Chainsaw Looptag Mowing machine Looptag Angle grinder/planer Turtle 1.0 with cable / Looptag Milling machine Turtle 1.0 with sensor cable Fräse Sicherung Laser Sicherung Turtle 2.0 Bohrmaschine Winkelschleifer Hobel Sicherung DIY Looptag Kettensäge Looptag an Rasenmäher Turtle 1.0 Schleifmaschine

Merchandise ATTRACTIVE SECURITY FOR EVERY PRODUCT At Pataco, we understand the importance of keeping merchandise not only secured, but also accessible and attractively presented without locking it away. Discover our wide range of merchandise security solutions that protect your sales merchandise without restricting the ability of potential buyers to access and interact directly. Powertool case Powertool case Powertool case Looptag Turtle 2.0 with silicon strap Turtle 2.0 on the strapping Powertool cardbox Large Sec Tag with Sec Bag Cleaning items Mini Sec Tag with Sec Bag Batteries Mini Sec Tag with Sec Bag LED lights Mini Sec Tag with Sec Bag Tool case Looptag Diamond blade Color Tag with Rip Pin XENON lights Mini Turtle 2.0 with silicon strap Tools Color Pin with Pen Tag Pliers Loop Tag DIY Mini Sec Bag Tag sichert Reinigungswaren Looptag Looptag Sicherung

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Active systems ULTIMATE SAFETY for your premises Our EAS antennas offer maximum security for your business. Using the latest technology, they effectively protect your goods from theft, manage and count your customers or modernize your checkout area. Stylish in design and highly functional in use - discover the diverse solutions now to maximize your profits and offer a positive shopping experience. EAS Antennen