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Safer boxes Matching your needs find the best security solution for your merchandise At Pataco we understand the importance of anti-theft devices that are not only secure but also functional and visually appealing. Discover our wide range of security devices, suitable for all industries.

Our security devices are available in AM or RF, for strong or standard magnets and as 2-alarm (antenna alarm, manipulation) or 3-alarm (plus self-alarm).
Hard tags Mini Turtle 2.0 Turtle 2.0 Turtle 1.0 Looptag Sec Bag Tag Solution Detachers Labels Spiders / Wraps
Speichermedien sichern Fashion Colour Tag An Shirt 2 Mini Turtle 2.0 Umreifung Turtle 2.0 Warensicherung mit Silikonband Turtle 1.0 Mit Sensorkabel Looptag Bohrmaschinen-Sicherung SI2 Beide 3IN1 Quadratisch

+800 7282 2624 further questions? We are glad to be here for you! Maximum security, minimal worries – your perfect merchandise security starts here! We support you in reducing your theft loss with our know-how and expertise. Rely on us. Looäcker 1, 9247 Henau, Switzerland +41 58 404 43 43 Pataco Warensicherungen