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With labels, simple and fast theft protection is guaranteed. For every need, we offer the suitable solution. The different versions (deactivatable, non-deactivatable, drop-in or adhesive labels) cover all requirements. Compatible Merchandise Clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, parfum, all cardboard boxes. applications Adhesive labels are attached directly to the product and throw-in labels are inserted loosely into the packaging. Additional Benefits Labels can be deactivated by using a deactivator plate and no longer trigger an alarm. Our recommondation Use drop-in labels as an invisible security solution for your merchandise. Product Features

RF paper label Cannot be deactivated Overview AM drop-in label Can be deactivated, with lace AM adhesive label Cannot be deactivated RF paper label Can be deactivated AM adhesive label Can be deactivated SI4 UMAX2 3 ID Klebe-Etikette / Warensicherung SI4 025 2 001 SI4 UMAX1 01

Product leaflet In the product leaflet we present the product and its areas of application in more detail. Article overview In the article overview you will find the article numbers and further technical information. Download area

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