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Column antenna (AM & RF) Our column antennas are the reliable basis of your EAS system for comprehensive article surveillance. Thanks to precise detection and flexible placement, they offer effective theft protection while keeping the customer flow unobtrusive. Discover how our column antennas help increase your security standards as an essential part of your EAS system - contact us for further details. Electronic article surveillance systems Loop antennas (AM) Our loop antennas are an indispensable component of your EAS system for reliable article surveillance. Thanks to their precise detection capability and discreet integration, they effectively protect your merchandise from theft while leaving customer passage uninterrupted. Find out how our loop antennas as part of your EAS system can increase your security standards – contact us for more information. Ground antennas (AM) Our state-of-the-art ground antennas are the heart of your EAS system for article surveillance. With precise detection and reliable alerting, they protect your merchandise from theft without affecting customer passage. Discover how our ground antennas as an EAS system can increase your security standards - contact us for more information. Deactivators (AM & RF) Crosspoint deactivators offer the perfect solution to remove labels quickly and precisely. You save valuable time when operating the checkout, remain flexible with labeling and at the same time protect product integrity. Discover how our solutions can improve your processes – contact us. EAS Schlaufenantenne Bodenantenne

Entrance guidance systems Entrance guidance systems organize the flow of people at entrances or in certain areas. They direct visitors through signage, floor markings or barriers, regulate entry through access control points and manage queues. Their goal is to make the flow efficient, increase safety and ensure a positive visitor experience. Security and customer guidance systems Self-Checkout systems Self-checkout systems allow customers to scan and pay for their items themselves, without assistance. Customers scan their products, pay directly on the system and can then leave the store. This saves time, gives customers more control and reduces the workload on staff. Customer guidance Customer guidance systems direct the flow of people in stores or public areas. They use signage, floor markings or digital displays to direct customers and manage queues. Your goal is to ensure an orderly flow and help customers navigate the room. Checkout barriers Checkout barriers are security devices that restrict access to checkouts or certain areas. Our electronic access systems are used to control access to sensitive areas or to prevent unauthorized access. Their main purpose is to ensure the security of cash registers and other sensitive locations by restricting access to unauthorized persons. Eingang SCO Personenführung Kassensperre

3D Sensors Customer counting with 3D sensors records the number of people in an area through the use of three-dimensional sensors or cameras. This technology analyzes people's movements and presence to provide precise and accurate data about the number of people entering or leaving a particular location. Their main purpose is to gain insights into customer behavior, optimize queue management and improve operational efficiency by providing accurate information about customer footfall. Customer counting